Born Again (Pun Intended)

It is amazing how fast time flies. Three years ago, as I settled into a new full-time job in a new city while trying to work on a dissertation, I decided to pause this blog. It was a tough decision. The LatiNone had become a place were I debated issues important to Latinos, to secular Americans, and to both communities at the same time. While it started as a place where I linked to articles with some snarky comment, eventually became my public voice. At the time of its indefinite suspension the blog was gaining readership thanks to my writing in other corners of the atheist blogosphere. Writing this blog led me to meet some incredible people, who to this day I still count as friends and important allies.

Now, with the prefix “Dr.” (or the suffix “Ph.D.”) secured before (or after) my name I have again the temporal currency to engage in semi-often commentary. In the years between the last post in 2012 and the first post in 2015 many things have changed in the communities I count myself member of. Latinos have shown some real political muscle.

In 2012, Latinos moved further away from a GOP that just a decade ago seemed on the verge of being actually competing for our votes. The current presidential crop led (but not really) by Donald Trump has continued the party’s quest to become a truly old-school party: one with no women or people of color, a real throwback to the 19th Century.

As for my other community, the nones, our size in the electorate, our voting margins for Obama and Democratic candidates are similar to those of Latinos. But we (the nones) don’t get the same attention. We have to change that. The religious right has a 40-year head start, we must catch up fast.

Other themes of the blog will include book and movie reviews and some ephemera. Politics, as always, will not be limited to U.S. national politics, and I’ll chip in with some unrequested opinion about other countries, whether it is religion or race.

And with this post, The LatiNone is officially Born Again®

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